The American Right’s Obsession With John Howard.

It still amazes me that nearly 5 months after the Australian people found it in their hearts to give their former prime minister a much-needed and long over-due retirement many in the American right are still obsessed with John Howard. Obsessed enough in fact to even write articles about making him a US citizen and changing the US constitution to be able to run for the presidency. Of course the claims they make about how wonderful he was are based mainly on the words that came out of this mouth rather than his actual track record. The attitude these people show to the Australian electorare is appaling. There is a reason why he became only the second Australian Prime Minister to have lost his own riding. Here’s a hint: it’s not because the Australian people were thrilled with him. The man is and was always good with words — so good that he even fooled me. Not always a hard thing to do. I lost much of my respect for the man after checking his actual record. Manipulation, scare-mongering, cheap tricks, usw. His record is not exactly stellar. Once again he was good with words, and the opposition was weak. All things considered he did not win the last two elections — the Australian Labor Party lost them.  So they want him as a candidate for the Republican Party. They want him to be president. These are the same people who had a disturbing love affair with Blair — despite the fact that he did so many things that are anathemic to their beliefs.  They fell for empty words and not reality — and now they want more of it. Australia got smart, so did the opposition — now the majority and the ruling government. Now it’s up to them to figure it out. Now that many Australians wouldn’t mind giving Howard to the Americans.


One Response to “The American Right’s Obsession With John Howard.”

  1. Bearsy Says:

    I was not aware of this – thanks for posting the story.

    America is welcome to John Howard. Please keep him there (although the best place for him would be Guantanamo).

    He has already sunk without trace in the Australian media and most of his erstwhile colleagues in the Liberal Party have recanted on his policies. His oppressive 19th Century Industrial Relations laws have already been repealed and buried with the blessings of his ex-party.

    Australia is once again a country to be proud of.

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